GULP . . . Website Changes

Change is never easy and when those changes are related to IT, websites, blogs, platforms, IP addresses, and a whole lot of terminology that read like gibberish to me, it is even more difficult. But the time has come for me to transition from a website managed by my long-time IT guru, who is getting out of the business, to a user friendly website platform. Fortunately, my husband knows his way around computers and offered to be the guy to learn the Squarespace platform. He has spent hours and hours building my site, resizing photos, reviewing written descriptions, and putting up with my mini meltdowns (and I’m not even the one doing the work!).

Our plan is to launch to the new site early next week. There are still issues to resolve, so Howard has been chatting with Go Daddy about my three domain names: Dayna J. Collins, Dayna Collins, and Alley Art Studio. And then there is my blog. I started blogging using Blogspot in October, 2007 and used that platform until 2013, when I switched to WordPress. Not wanting to lose WordPress, Howard and I have been brainstorming how to incorporate that site into Squarespace (we’ve heard they don’t play well together) and we think we’ve come up with a solution that accomplishes what we need, but the actual transition could cause some downtime to my website during the actual transfer. During the transition, we will be linking two of my domains to the new site and retaining one domain to my old website, work out the bugs, then get all three connected to the new site, although that plan may change somewhere along the way, and as I type this there might already be another plan brewing.

If all goes according to plan (hahaha), my blog shouldn’t be interrupted, but we’re dealing with technology and codes and secret handshakes, so stay tuned and please check back.


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