Salvage Collage: Creating Book Board Collages

There is no doubt about it, creating my Salvage Collage mixed media pieces are time-consuming and messy work. First is the collecting of vintage books (worthy of a separate post), then the dismantling of the books (another separate post). When all of the collecting and ripping apart has been done, it is time to slog through the piles, looking for just the right scraps to create something new. All of the pieces I use in my collages are from discarded books that have been ripped apart and disassembled – from the linen covers, to the gluey spines, to the book boards themselves.



Eventually it is time to stop sorting and auditioning and actually glue the pieces into place.

Meanwhile, I’m off to the YMCA annual book sale because today is the final day and all books are $5 a box!

UPDATE: I got SIX boxes of books. I can’t wait to begin ripping them apart!

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