Salvage Collage: “Making Abstract Art From Discarded Books”

Day 5: Final critiques.


How do I put into words my experience earlier this month. Imagine spending five days with artists who all love ripping apart old books. Fold in an instructor with mad teaching skills. It didn’t hurt that the class was held in the center of Whidbey Island at the Pacific Northwest Art School. The class was titled Making Abstract Art from Discarded Books and the instructor was Sante Fe book artist, Melinda Tidwell.

In the spirit of using few words, I’ll share a series of photos with captions in my attempt to convey how I spent my week and some of the work I created.

Pile of scavenged book pieces.

Melinda organizing piles of book bits.

Book bits divided by color.

More bits divided by color.

Auditioning book bits.

Auditioning pieces for a possible composition.

Work table.

Working on a grid format.

Grid in progress.

“A Shattered Sense of Normality,” by Dayna J. Collins.

Morning session.

Strata in progress.

“Wild Revelry,” by Dayna J. Collins

Altering and painting book pages.

Painted book pages.

Painted book page.

Painted book page.

Auditioning and gluing pieces.

“The Dim Veil of Sleep,” by Dayna J. Collins

“Looking Backward in Time,” by Dayna J. Collins.

“Laughing with Genuine Pleasure,” by Dayna J. Collins

“Rebellious Tendencies 1 and 2,” by Dayna J. Collins

“Occasional Flashes of Kitsch,” by Dayna J. Collins.

“Deep Urgent Conversations,” by Dayna J. Collins.

“A Truth Profound and Simple,” by Dayna J. Collins.

“A series of Small Coincidences,” by Dayna J. Collins.

“The Possibility of Change,” by Dayna J. Collins.

“The Pale Thin Light,” by Dayna J. Collins.

This pieces I created in this class fit nicely with my What’s Your Story project as well as my Salvage Collage pieces. Now I’m ready to start doing a better job of ripping apart my vintage books.

Melinda and Dayna.

Fun House mirror.

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