Hanging the Show: Pathways and Passages


First thing Monday morning, I drove out to Silverton and met up with Nancy Eng to hang our new show, Pathways and Passages. Hanging days are like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle. We both brought a lot of art, too much to hang everything, so we auditioned the pieces we had, moved things around until we found a place for most everything, and put the remaining pieces in storage. When something sells, the purchaser can take it with them if they are from out of town, and we can replace the piece on the wall with something from inventory. Here’s how our morning went.

A blank canvas at Silverton Arts Association Borland Gallery.


Dayna spread out her art in advance of hanging.


Dayna hangs her pieces. All of her paintings are plaster, oil, and cold wax on wood substrates.


Tapes measures are a necessity.


Merging the art of Dayna J. Collins and Nancy Eng.


The art of Dayna J. Collins on the left and Nancy Eng on the right.


“Dangerous Waters 1, 2, 3,” plaster, oil, and cold wax by Dayna J. Collins.


Little oil and cold wax pieces by Dayna J. Collins.


New series by Dayna J. Collins. Plaster, oil, and cold wax.

And then before we knew it, the show was up and we were finished.

Artists: Dayna J. Collins and Nancy Eng.


The opening reception is Friday, August 4, from 6-9 pm. Borland Gallery is part of the Silverton Arts Association and is located on the banks of Silver Creek in historic Coolidge-McClaine Park in Silverton.

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